The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

When we’re on a health journey it’s so important to establish a strong foundation with the right tools + information. That’s why I’m such a proponent of working with qualified professionals instead of throwing all the things at the wall and seeing what will stick. In my practice I help you wade through all the confusing health + nutrition info to help you establish a plan that works for you and your body. When you’re establishing a workout routine it can be so helpful to work with a personal trainer to get you on the track that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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CEO/Found Matthew Kornblatt shares the benefits of hiring a personal trainer below!

It is no question that most people want to attain optimal health. We want to look and feel great, but are we willing to take the necessary steps to achieve our fitness goals? Leading a healthy and fit life takes discipline, with exercise, sleep, and nutrition as three primary pillars. Living in an age where access to information is limitless, we are consumed with endless content from “experts” who will tell you how workout and eat right. With that said, this continuous information for many does more harm than good. I like to call it, “paralysis through analysis”; being consumed by so much information that you do nothing. Herein lies a reason why someone interested in getting in shape should hire a certified personal trainer. A trainer will help you narrow your focus, and will put you on the right track to accomplishing your fitness goals. Below are a few of the many benefits to hiring a certified personal trainer:

A certified personal trainer will construct a workout program specific to you and your goals.

Through working with a personal trainer, you will learn exercise techniques that you can implement on your own throughout the rest of your life.

Safety (Injury Prevention)
Workout injuries are common, but a personal trainer will teach you how to perform each exercise in a safe and controlled manner.

It can be hard to push yourself in the gym. A quality personal trainer who cares about you and your progress will not let you slack.

Arguably the most beneficial of them all… A certified personal trainer will help you set and achieve you health and fitness goals.

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Written by Matthew Kornblatt, CEO/Founder of RightFit Personal Training

Krista is a Chicago-based registered dietitian nutritionist, certified health coach, and certified personal trainer offering virtual nutrition coaching using a functional and integrative approach to help you feel vibrant, balanced, and confident. Looking to get your body + brain back?