2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Wellness Enthusiast

Gift inspiration for the wellness enthusiast in your life ::

  1. Wild Foods Matcha :: matcha lattes are perfect coffee alternative to start your day with a slower caffeine release for a calm alertness

  2. Essential Oil Diffuser :: elevate your space by diffusing your favorite scent

  3. Essential Oils :: every wellness enthusiast’s favorite

  4. WomanCode :: I recommend to all of my clients to learn about your body’s hormonal balance

  5. Manduka EKO Superlite Travel Yoga and Pilates Mat :: take your practice with you wherever you go

  6. Traditional Medicinals Tea :: my personal favorite is the Tulsi + Ginger for calming + relaxation and is perfect for flights

  7. Four Sigmatic Ultimate Sample Pack :: adaptogenic herbal blends to bring your body into balance

  8. Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock :: keep your circadian rhythm on track especially in the darker winter months with an alarm that wakes you up with gradually brightening light

  9. Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Powder :: great for traveling or days you need an extra boost of greens

  10. Bamboo Wooden Hairbrush :: nourishes the hair by evenly distributing your hair’s natural oils

Krista is a Chicago-based registered dietitian nutritionist, certified health coach, and certified personal trainer offering virtual nutrition coaching using a functional and integrative approach to help you feel vibrant, balanced, and confident. Looking to get your body + brain back?