The Composed Nutrition Body Balance Wheel

Body Balance Wheel

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My approach is rooted in functional + integrative nutrition – a way of looking for root causes versus labeling and treating symptoms. The Body Balance Wheel is influenced by Mark Hyman's work, specially his book The UltraMind Solution. When all seven pieces are in alignment we can reach a level where we are thriving in optimal health. I explore all of these areas with my clients.


No matter what eating pattern you decide to follow our bodies all have nutrition non-negotiables, things we must get from food, that just are not going to be found in processed food-like products.


Hormones are the messengers in our body that control a ton of processes. Chronic stress throws off the whole cascade of hormone balance in the body, leading us to live in a constant state of fight-or-flight and our other hormones can suffer.


Food-like products (a.k.a. not real food) available today is filled with sugar, harmful oils, chemicals, + toxins that can all lead to inflammation in the body.


There are so many digestive issues we can face from not eating enough plants (fiber), eating too many of inflammatory foods products, + having a long history of antibiotic use - all of which can throw off our microbiome (beneficial bacteria in the gut).


Toxins can build up in our bodies + are found in food, cleaning products, makeup, skincare, water, our homes (mold, paints, etc.), + also substances we ingest – drugs + alcohol. Toxic thoughts, emotions, and experiences can be held in the physical body and wreak havoc if not addressed.

Energy & Metabolism

The mitochondria in our cells play a huge role in our energy balance and metabolism + can get totally thrown off if we’re not getting adequate vitamins + minerals, dealing unstable blood sugar, building up toxins, or creating hormonal havoc with constant stress.

Exercise & Fitness

It’s important for women especially to recognize that our hormones fluctuate throughout our monthly cycles and matching exercise to our internal hormonal state can not only give us a sigh of relief that no you don’t have to kill yourself all the time for results and yes you can actually see more results by doing less

So what do we do about all of this? We choose to honor ourselves + our health by making the best choices to nourish our bodies and thrive on all levels. I share recipes, products, and tips to find balance in all areas here on my blog + on Instagram

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Krista is a Chicago-based registered dietitian nutritionist, certified health coach, and certified personal trainer offering virtual nutrition coaching using a functional and integrative approach to help you feel vibrant, balanced, and confident. Looking to get your body + brain back?