Do you feel like you’ve tried all the things but cannot seem to achieve your health goals?

Or feel like you have hit a plateau you can’t seem to get past?

Do you feel like you’re really trying to be healthy, but you’re totally confused by so much conflicting health info?

Do feel pretty confident in what you’re doing but wish you had someone to hold you accountable?

Maybe you have no energy or motivation and don’t know how to get started.

Or maybe you’re looking for relief from constant mind chatter about food + body image?

So what do we do?

we must address the root causes in order to heal


  • cutting out entire food groups

  • following the latest diet trend but not feeling good or energized

  • feeling like you’re doing all the things but not feeling your best

  • exercising a lot + removing foods but not seeing results

  • fear or shame around food or your body

  • fed up with not knowing what will help


  • The Media: constant conflicting info leaves our heads spinning with what is actually true?

  • Fad Diets: what may be popular may not always work with our body

  • Unrealistic Expectations: that we either put on ourselves or society puts on us

  • The Idea of the “Perfect Diet”: how we eat ebbs + flows and when we learn that we can learn to let go of perfection

  • Diet Mentality: can lead us to cycles of restriction + overindulging or reward + punishment through food

  • Stress: about work, relationships, our social lives, our bodies can all add fuel to the fire

  • Lost Touch with the Body: it can feel hard to support our bodies when we don’t know what will actually help

Solutions from Composed Nutrition

A root cause approach to wellness - we develop a holistic plan that considers your body, mind, and lifestyle.

Complete the Comprehensive Health Assessment to identify your potential root causes.

Uncover imbalances through functional lab testing such as:

  • Hormone Panel or Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Additional lab tests as recommended

Implement personalized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations that support YOUR body:

  • Set a balanced nutrition foundation

  • Include individualized herbal + nutrient supplements to support your mood + energy

  • Tailor your exercise routine to your energy + hormone levels

  • Reframe negative self-talk + tune into your body

  • Explore spiritual practices like mindfulness + meditation

  • Develop strategies to quiet constant mind chatter + heal your relationship with your body & food

  • Incorporate intuitive eating principles

  • Discuss personalized recipes or a meal plan tailored to your schedule

  • Review cooking tips + how to stock your kitchen & pantry

  • Learn how to navigate the grocery store, meal prep, & batch cook

  • Discover tips for travel, getting ready for an event, & busy schedules

We will consider all pieces of the Body Balance wheel to achieve optimal health and get you feeling like yourself again.

Composed Nutrition Wheel.png

Wellness Packages

initial session

A 60-minute video chat or phone call to develop your Personal Health Plan:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment Review

  • Nutrition + Supplement Recommendations

  • Exercise + Lifestyle Guidance

  • Lab Test Recommendations

  • Personalized Recipe + Action Step eBooks

coaching packages

30-minute follow-up calls with unlimited email + text accountability between sessions to:

  • Celebrate successes + explore barriers that came up

  • Discuss what's working/what's not working

  • Explore your goal progress + adjust as necessary

  • Set a plan of action for the week/month ahead

  • Review lab test results + next steps

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