Healthy eating helps us be the best versions of ourselves. We want to support our bodies with healthy food, but there is so much confusion about what is actually right with it comes to health and wellness. We want to feel vibrant, energized, and confident in our bodies, but why can it seem so difficult to achieve?

Do you ever have any of the following thoughts?

  • I feel like I have tried all the things but cannot seem to achieve my health goals

  • I feel like I have hit a plateau I can’t seem to get past it

  • I feel like I’m really trying to be healthy, but I’m totally confused by so much conflicting health info

  • I feel pretty confident in what I’m doing but wish I had someone to hold me accountable

  • I have no energy or motivation and don’t know how to get started

  • I am looking for relief from constant mind chatter about food and body image

  • I just want to know what is the right way for me to eat


  • cutting out entire food groups

  • exercising a lot + removing foods but not seeing results

  • fear or shame around food or your body

  • fed up with not knowing what will help

  • feeling like you’re doing all the things but not feeling your best

  • following the latest diet trend but not feeling good or energized

  • taking supplements but you don’t even know what they’re for

  • unsure of which foods to include or not include


THE MEDIA AND HEALTHY EATING: Constant conflicting information leaves our heads spinning wondering what is actually true and what is best for me?

FAD DIETS: What may be popular may not always work with our body.

UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: We are guilty of putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves on how we should look. Society puts a lot of pressure to try to look and be a certain way.

THE IDEA OF THE “PERFECT DIET”: How we eat ebbs and flows. We need to accept there is no perfect diet.

DIET MENTALITY: This leads us to cycles of restriction and overindulging or reward and punishment through food.

ONLY CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT MATTERS: This is a dated paradigm and does not consider many factors like the quality of the food, composition of our meals, or our personal hormone balance or body needs, among many, many others.

STRESS: Work, relationships, our social lives, and on top of that our bodies can all add fuel to the fire.

LOST TOUCH WITH THE BODY: It can feel hard to support our bodies when we don’t know what will actually help.

Solutions from Composed Nutrition

We work together to identify the root causes of the symptoms you are feeling. You will first complete a comprehensive health assessment prior to our first appointment. We then begin the first session by reviewing what your assessment reveals about your health and get started on attainable changes to start seeing results right away.

We focus on setting a balanced nutrition foundation and develop a plan that may include herbal and nutrient supplements, tailoring your exercise routine to your energy and hormone levels, and focusing on nourishing food and snacks to set you up for success.

During our time together I will equip you with the tools to take control of your health. Together we will customize a plan that works best for you with your goals in mind.

We can discuss ways to reset your mind and incorporate tools to set you up for success:

  • Incorporating a morning and night routine

  • Learning how to set healthy boundaries to protect your energy

  • Identifying tips for more restful sleep

  • Discovering stress management techniques

  • Reframing negative self-talk + tuning into your body

  • Exploring spiritual practices like mindfulness + meditation

  • Developing strategies to quiet constant mind chatter + heal your relationship with your body & food

  • Incorporating intuitive eating and mindful eating principles

  • Discussing personalized recipes or a meal plan tailored to your schedule

  • Reviewing cooking tips + how to stock your kitchen & pantry

  • Learning how to navigate the grocery store, meal prep, & batch cook

  • Discovering tips for travel, getting ready for an event, & busy schedules

We may also utilize functional lab testing to uncover potential body imbalances that may contribute to difficulty meeting your health goals from the convenience and privacy of your own home. We will discuss the results, what they mean, and how to correct imbalances so you can feel your best.

Common tests I use to help identify the root causes of body imbalances:

We will consider all pieces of the Composed Nutrition wheel to achieve optimal health and get you feeling like yourself again.

Composed Nutrition Wheel.png

Are we a good fit?

Let me get to know you and share how we can work together to incorporate a healthier lifestyle or heal your relationship with food so you can start feeling like yourself again.

I can also help you with: