Female fertility can be impacted by many different conditions and lifestyle choices. I provide nutrition and lifestyle support for women with various questions they are trying to answer related to their fertility.

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  • Are you considering starting a family and looking for guidance to best support your body for pregnancy?

  • Have you recently stopped hormonal birth control to start a family and are having issues with your period returning or not sure if you’re ovulating?

  • Are you having trouble conceiving and would like to consider a holistic approach to balancing your body before trying intensive treatments or therapies?

  • Are you not quite thinking about having kids yet but are curious about your fertility timeline?

If you can identify with any of these questions, I can help you better understand what is going on with your body and improve any symptoms you may be experiencing.



There are times where the root cause of your fertility struggles are related to different hormone-related issues or imbalances. It is important to understand what is causing the imbalance in order to properly heal.


AMENORRHEA: this is when your period is missing for more than 3 months

ADRENAL OR THYROID IMBALANCES: either or both can result in a missing period

AMENORRHEA POST-BIRTH CONTROL: upon stopping birth control your period is missing

INSUFFICIENT CALORIE INTAKE: if the body lacks the fat and nutrients necessary to produce hormones your period can go missing

LOW BODY WEIGHT: this can be related to a missing period

MENOPAUSE: periods stop as the ovaries no longer release an egg each month (occurs for most women in their 40s or 50s but signs of perimenopause can start in your mid-30s or 40s)

PRIMARY OVARIAN INSUFFICIENCY: menopause comes earlier than expected

PREGNANCY: if your period is missing it is important to check for possible pregnancy


POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME (PCOS): a hormonal condition characterized by metabolic imbalances, enlarged ovaries with small cysts, and in some cases elevated androgens that results in irregular cycles


ENDOMETRIAL HYPERPLASIA: thickening of the uterine wall that can result in heavy periods

FIBROIDS: abnormal growths within the uterus can result in heavy periods  

IRON-DEFICIENCY ANEMIA: blood loss with heavy periods can result in iron loss + over time could lead to iron-deficiency anemia


ENDOMETRIOSIS: growth of endometrial tissue (uterine lining) outside of the uterus that can result in painful periods

ESTROGEN DOMINANCE: elevated estrogen or estrogen elevated in relation to other hormones (low progesterone) can result in painful periods


As part of my approach to get to the root cause I look at all possible contributing factors related to the mind + body to properly heal:

EATING HABITS: what we eat can shape how we feel especially with excessive sugar, low protein, inadequate nutrient dense foods, and reliance on caffeine

BLOOD SUGAR IMBALANCE: when blood sugar fluctuates between high and low it can result in low energy, fatigue, and moodiness

POOR GUT HEALTH: IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, infections, gut bacteria imbalances (dysbiosis), and candida overgrowth are a few contributors that can alter nutrient absorption + impact your body’s ability to utilize the vitamins and minerals it needs

LIFESTYLE: lack of sleep, lack of regular exercise, lack of consistent relaxation practices and drug or alcohol use can all contribute to period problems

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS: a high load of toxins or heavy metals in the body from products we use or consume can contribute to period problems

CHRONIC EMOTIONAL STRESS: anxiety, depression, grief, moodiness, irritability, financial concerns

WORK-RELATED STRESS: shift work, long hours, irregular hours, stressful environment

Solutions from Composed Nutrition

Together we will customize a plan to boost your fertility naturally.


A complete picture of your hormones and gut health to address any imbalances in order to boost your fertility naturally with 5 virtual nutrition coaching sessions


A complete picture of your hormones to address any imbalances in order to boost your fertility naturally with 5 virtual nutrition coaching sessions


A complete picture of your hormones to address any imbalances in order to boost your fertility naturally with a 1-hour results review and PDF of next steps


Virtual nutrition coaching package to implement nutrition and lifestyle strategies to boost your fertility naturally

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