Chicago Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Krista King

I want to:


You are ready to truly thrive and are over just not feeling well

You have a lot on your plate + are used to doing it all and doing it all well. But your body is not keeping up, your anxiety gets in the way, and things seem to be a constant struggle. Your mood is all over the place, your relationship with food + your body is suffering, your energy never seems to be that high, you're totally exhausted, stressed out all the time juggling a million things, and it's starting to manifest in your body. Imbalances in your body can present as fatigue, digestive issues, PMS, low energy, mood swings, anxiety, headaches, and more.

And no matter what you do to push your body to get better, it just isn't working...

As women we're not taught how to align our cyclical nature into the different areas of our life. So we keep pushing and forcing and restricting and reaching outside of ourselves wondering why all of our hard work doesn't seem to be paying off. But you’re sick of struggling with low energy, feeling depleted, and like nothing is working. You’ve tried all the things but there is so much noise you don’t know what is right anymore. You’re tired, overwhelmed, and have every intention to just feel better.

You want to feel BALANCED, empowered + comfortable in your body

together we develop a Plan that aligns with your needs + goals


Krista is a functional + integrative dietitian nutritionist

I equip you with the tools + support you need to feel vibrant, energized, and confident in your body. I use a functional + integrative approach, which means that together we are going to get to the root of any body imbalances as opposed to simply addressing symptoms. I look at the whole picture of you to see what is causing you to feel less than your best + use an individualized approach to create a path to reclaim your health.