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everybody eats . food is nourishing and social . it is not just fuel . it is information for your cells . it composes our bodies and provides the building blocks to feel our best . it bring us together and is one of the greatest ways we connect


we all have ‘nutrition non-negotiables’ - certain things that we must get from nourishing, real foods in order to feel vibrant, energized and balanced in our bodies

NO LABELS, no diets

when we put a label on the way we eat we can fall into a restrictive mindset of feeling ‘on’ or ‘off’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. my goal for you is to learn how to support your body with the foods that work for YOU

food freedom

food is meant to be enjoyed . to nourish our bodies + minds . to provide a source of connection . when it feels like a constant struggle of what to + what not to eat we come back to the basics, remove the rules, and learn that all foods can fit

when it’s not about the food

the root cause - the deep underlying reasons - for most of our health problems isn’t that we don’t know how to eat right or exercise enough [maybe we need a little help with a routine that works for us) . but it’s imbalances that build over time from emotional + physical stress + confusion about what to do because we’re taught to shove pain away, pop a pill, eat less, exercise more, + not feel

Your story lives in your body

the things we have gone through in life, stories we’ve learned to tell ourselves, and ways we have / have not learned to support our bodies all contribute to what is manifesting in our bodies today


your body speaks through various signs + symptoms . we just unfortunately have not always been taught how to decode what the messages mean and how valuable they can be to uncovering + healing the root cause of our health issues

Your body is not failing you

your symptoms are the way your body communicates with you . saying ‘hey! something’s not right here please look at this!’ when we look at it this way, how powerful is it that our body is trying to speak to us, not fail us?


tuning in means getting clear on what you feel like in your body . taking a step back to really listen + learn what you need right now . and understanding that we have the power to make transformative changes in our health . only you are the expert of your own body

discover your why

what is your vision of health? what do you hope to achieve? how can healing your health concerns open this up for you?