Are you feeling stressed or burned out, or struggling with low energy? Maybe you have no energy or motivation and don’t know how to start feeling better. Or you feel totally exhausted and cannot get through the day without coffee or sugary pick-me-ups.

We all know what stress is, but what is actually going on in the body? Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone released by the adrenals - little glands that sit on top of the kidneys like hats - during demanding times.

Cortisol drives the ‘fight-or-flight’ response, increasing blood sugar + blood pressure and shutting down our immune, digestive, and reproductive systems until the body deems the threat has passed. Ancestrally we’d use this response to run away from tigers.

Today we’re in a chronic state of stress brought on by a variety of factors. We can start producing more and more cortisol (chronic stress) and eventually our adrenals get tired and produce less (adrenal fatigue) or very little amounts (adrenal burnout).

So what do we do?

we must address the root causes in order to heal

Symptoms of Fatigue

  • acne + skin issues

  • afternoon energy drop

  • anxiety + depression

  • appetite loss

  • brain fog

  • conditions of hormonal imbalance

  • depressed immune function + increased illness

  • disrupted sleep

  • dizziness

  • feeling sleepy or tired all the time

  • food cravings

  • hard time waking up in the morning

  • headaches

  • inability to manage stress

  • increased PMS or menopausal symptoms

  • lapse in short-term memory

  • light-headed or dizzy upon standing

  • low energy

  • low libido

  • low motivation

  • moodiness + irritability

  • muscle aches or muscle weakness

  • poor concentration

  • unintended weight loss or weight gain

Causes of Fatigue

The root cause of fatigue can be related to one or more of the following:

  • Underlying Medical Conditions: such as low thyroid, adrenal dysfunction, infections, or autoimmune conditions

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: such as iron or vitamin B12

  • Eating Habits: excessive sugar, low protein, inadequate nutrient dense foods, reliance on caffeine

  • Blood Sugar Imbalance: highs and lows in blood sugar can result in low energy, fatigue, and moodiness

  • Poor Gut Health: SIBO, infections, bacteria imbalances, and candida overgrowth can alter nutrient absorption

  • Lifestyle: lack of sleep, lack of regular exercise, lack of consistent relaxation practices and drug or alcohol use

  • Chronic Emotional Stress: anxiety, depression, grief, moodiness, irritability, financial concerns, work-related

  • Work-Related Stress: shift work, long hours, irregular hours, stressful environment

  • Environmental Toxins: a high load of toxins or heavy metals in the body can result in fatigue

  • Purpose: feelings of disconnection or lack of purpose

Solutions from Composed Nutrition

A root cause approach to wellness - we develop a holistic plan that considers your body, mind, and lifestyle.

Complete the Comprehensive Health Assessment to identify your potential root causes.

Uncover imbalances through functional lab testing:

  • Adrenal Stress

  • Hormone Panel

  • Functional Thyroid Panel

  • Organic Acids

  • Additional lab tests as recommended

Implement personalized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations to heal fatigue + boost energy:

  • Set a balanced nutrition foundation

  • Include individualized herbal + nutrient supplements to support your mood + energy

  • Tailor your exercise routine to your energy + hormone levels

  • Incorporate a morning + night routine

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries to protect your energy

  • Identify tips for more restful sleep

  • Discover stress management techniques

  • Reframe negative self-talk + tune into your body

  • Explore spiritual practices like mindfulness + meditation

We will consider all pieces of the Body Balance wheel to achieve optimal health and get you feeling like yourself again.

Composed Nutrition Wheel.png

Wellness Packages

initial session

A 60-minute video chat or phone call to develop your Personal Health Plan:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment Review

  • Nutrition + Supplement Recommendations

  • Exercise + Lifestyle Guidance

  • Lab Test Recommendations

  • Personalized Recipe + Action Step eBooks

coaching packages

30-minute follow-up calls with unlimited email + text accountability between sessions to:

  • Celebrate successes + explore barriers that came up

  • Discuss what's working/what's not working

  • Explore your goal progress + adjust as necessary

  • Set a plan of action for the week/month ahead

  • Review lab test results + next steps

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