The thyroid produces hormones that are crucial for many functions in the body. If it is not functioning correctly, it can wreak havoc in your body.

What is the thyroid?

Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck and is responsible for producing thyroid hormones, which are vital for many critical functions in the body. You can think of your thyroid as the controller of metabolism, but thyroid hormones also regulate your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, menstrual cycle, and breathing.

Do you ever have any of the following thoughts?

  • I have dry skin and nothing seems to help it

  • I have thin, brittle nails that break easily

  • I have hair loss or the outer third of my eyebrows seems to be thinning

  • I am very sensitive to cold

  • I have fatigue, particularly in the morning

  • I experience brain fog

  • I have stubborn weight gain that I can’t seem to lose

  • I feel sluggish and tired

If so, you may be experiencing a thyroid condition.


Symptoms of Non-autoimmune hypothyroidism

  • loss of drive

  • loss of outer third of eyebrows

  • menstrual abnormalities

  • sensitivity to cold

  • slowed metabolism

  • weakness

  • weight gain

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism

Symptoms of hashtimoto’s thyroiditis

It’s possible to experience a combination of the listed hypothyroid and hyperthyroid symptoms.



Hypothyroidism: This is when the thyroid slows down resulting in lowered amounts of thyroid hormones.

Causes of Hypothyroidism:

  • autoimmune hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis)

  • iodine deficiency

  • medications (for example: Lithium used to treat psychiatric disorders)

  • pregnancy or post-partum

  • radiation therapy

  • thyroid surgery


Hyperthyroidism: This is when the thyroid speeds up resulting in elevated amounts of thyroid hormones.

Causes of Hyperthyroidism:

  • Grave’s disease

  • excessive iodine


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: An autoimmune reaction where the body produces thryoid antibodies that attack the thyroid and can result in a hypothyroid condition.

Causes of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis:

An autoimmune condition can occur when a person has 3 factors present:

  1. Genes: having specific genes that make you susceptible to developing an autoimmune condition

  2. Gut: intestinal permeability (leaky gut) that disrupts the immune system

  3. Triggers: specific triggers that turn on your genetic expression

    • Underlying Medical Conditions

    • Nutritional Deficiencies

    • Anemia

    • Eating Habits

    • Blood Sugar Imbalance

    • Food Sensitivities

    • Poor Stress Tolerance

    • Environmental Toxins

Solutions from Composed Nutrition

Together we will customize a plan to ease your thyroid symptoms.


A complete picture of your hormones and gut health that may be affecting your thyroid with 5 virtual nutrition coaching sessions


A complete picture of your hormones that may be affecting your thyroid with 5 virtual nutrition coaching sessions


Virtual nutrition coaching package to uncover the root of your thyroid symptoms and implement steps to feel like yourself again

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